Multi purpose forming kit

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Multi-purpose forming kit helps you to form your precious metal into a demo, cylindrical, triangle, square & oval shape without damaging it because this kit is fully mirrore finished. we use only high-quality raw materials to make our tools. tools milled in cnc machines to get perfection. all steel tools are hardened so that it will last longer. surface & cylindrical grinding gives a smooth surface finish to our tools.

Swage block & punch set :
the Swage block (the grooved block) has a variety of uses, mainly used it to curve sheet into half round shapes. It can also be used to support metal while stamping. you can give triangle & square shape to the wire.
Dapping block & punch set :
This dapping kit helps you to form a perfect dome shape with a smooth surface on your metal.
Anvil :
The mini anvil worked great for shaping small circular bezels & the flat surface to stamp smaller items.
Oval shape die & punch :
With the help of 5 different sizes of the oval shape, you can form a beautiful oval shape.


  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Milled in CNC machine
  • Heat treated
  • Surface grinded
  • Highly buff polished
  • Quality Checked
  • Well packed


  • Stand Anvil
  • 8″ x 1½” x 1½” Multi-Purpose Forming Block
  • 2½” x 2½” Dapping Block
  • 2½” x 2½” x 2″ Grooving Block
  • 16 piece Swage Punch Set
  • 16 piece Dapping punch set (3 to 13, 15,17,19,21,24)mm
  • 5 piece Jumbo punch set (28,30,33,38,43)mm
  • 1 Piece Oval Shape Punch
  • Perfectly Organized Wooden Stand with both side groove for lifting up stand easily.

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