Triangle shape disc cutter

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This set includes high-quality dies that produce triangle stampings with rounded corners. All parts are made of hardened and tempered, shock-resistant tool steel with precision-ground surfaces. The spring-loaded die plate allows you to easily open and close according to the thickness of the metal being punched.

This cutter delivers clean, consistent cuts over years of use, reducing the amount of time you spend on finishing and the amount of metal that is wasted. Buy a Splenor tool once and rest assured it will give you high-quality cuts for years to come.

To use the Splenortools triangle Shape Disc Cutter, Designed for soft, non-ferrous metals up to 20 ga. (.81mm) when using a hammer and up to 16 ga. (1.29mm) when using a hydraulic press. Use a urethane square pad under the cutters as a support as you cut the urethane absorbs the energy of the hammer blow, protecting the cutters and the work surface and ensuring a clean & sharp cut. simply place your metal under your chosen die and strike firmly with a hammer, thicker gauge metals will often need more than one strike. Your shaped disc will come out of the bottom of the disc cutter ready to use in your jewelry designs. use a lubricant when not in use and when working.

IMPORTANT: Always position a shim of the same thickness of the material being cut directly across from that material to keep the plates balanced and ensure a perfectly perpendicular cut.


1 = Cutting Die (115mm x 62mm x 30mm)
4 = punch (12mm, 16mm, 21mm, 25mm)
1 = rubber pad (6″x 6″)
1 = one Allen wrench
1 = Spring loaded & adjustable handle for disc cutter
1 = Wooden storage box

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