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Jewelers from over 36 nations have placed their trust in us.

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  • Earth Chunk - Usa

    "First off all, outstanding customer service from knowledgeable friendly folks! Everything was very well packed and a serious cut above the standard tools you would get."

  • John Jessup - Usa

    "Splenor makes a great product. You can not beat the craftsmanship. Much better product than you will get from a comparable manufacturer. They are going to give their competitors a serious run for their money!"

  • Carl Mcrob - Canada

    "If you want top quality from splenor. you won't find a better finish anywhere. you will receive the best service. splenor cares about their customers not just their sales. oh, did I mention? these tools cost much less than their competitors. the best value I have come across in 25 years as a goldsmith."

  • Donna - Usa

    "WOW! The customer service from the company is TOP-NOTCH! I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE!!! Superb quality, excellent presentation, and some of the BEST customer service I have experienced. I would not hesitate to purchase from this seller again. Thank you for everything!!! I am a very HAPPY customer!!!"

  • Crystal - Usa

    "The thoughtfulness in packaging and the note from the seller took this up a few notches for me, making me feel cared for and valued as a customer. I would highly recommend!"

  • Richard J - Usa

    "Excellent craftsmanship - exceeded my expectations!"

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