Splenor tool is a trusted jewelry tools manufacturer by professional jewelers from 36 countries.

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  • Impressed!

    I am impressed with the quality of this tool and the responsiveness of the seller. I am definitely going back for more.

    - Ricaredo Cerebo, Philippines
  • Beautiful Crafted Tools

    Very satisfied with the purchase. Very high quality, fully functional. Beautiful packaging. Fast shipping.Super satisfied.

    - Shmol Lija, Italy
  • Incredible quality...Great value

    If you want top-quality tools...buy from splenor. you won't find a better finish anywhere. you will receive the best service. splenor cares about their customers not just their sales oh, did I mention? these tools cost much less than their competitors. the best value I have come across in 25 years as a goldsmith.

    - Carl Mcrob, Canada
  • Fabulous tools!!!!!!!!!

    Splenor makes a great product. You can not beat the craftsmanship. Much better product than you will get from a comparable manufacturer. They are going to give their competitors a serious run for their money!

    - Stancy Dean, USA
  • Excellent tools, awesome folks!

    First off all, outstanding customer service from knowledgeable friendly folks! Each tool was polished to a mirror finish with absolutely no imperfections. Everything was very well packed and a serious cut above the standard tools you would get.

    - Earth Chunk, USA
  • Great metalworking tools!

    I was extremely happy too have stumbled across Splenor tools. First of all, I was surprised at how reasonably priced their stuff is - a very good deal in my opinion. It feels like they take the time to make sure everything is done properly and no.shortcuts are taken. Bottom line is that these guys have awesome tools and great prices along with top-notch customer service. I plan on buying more of their tools without a doubt!

    - Jesse Watson, USA